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There are various ways that different water sources can be used, whether you are collecting groundwater, rainwater or greywater. Rainwater harvesting in Pathanamthitta involves the collection and storage of rainwater, and it has been used for centuries, in many different areas of Kerala. Rain barrels can be purchased at building supply stores, to catch rainwater to be reused, but if you want to collect water effectively, you may want a more involved system like ours.

Even in some areas that have reliable and modern water supply systems, the trend is reversing itself, and people are collecting rainwater for household and irrigation uses. Rainwater harvesting company provides to setup a system to collect water that is fairly clean, and it usually requires less treatment than does greywater.

In larger commercial buildings, rainwater may be caught and stored either in parking areas or on the roofs of buildings. In this way, a great deal of runoff rainwater can be accumulated. These can also take up some of the excess water from storm sewers, and prevent overburdening of the sewer systems of municipalities.

Rain Water Harvesting System In Pathanamthitta

Using passive rainwater harvesting, owners of buildings can use non-mechanical means of collecting rainwater, and then cleaning it and storing it. Passive designs are often used to create areas that will contain the water until it can be absorbed naturally into the ground. Ponds, swales, creek beds and pavers may be used to hold the water on land longer, and not throw it into stormwater or sewer systems.

These types of systems are fairly simple, and they are generally not expensive to set up. Active and passive approaches can be used together in rainwater harvesting in Kerala. Active rainwater harvesting entails setting up a system that will collect, filter, store and recycle rainwater that might otherwise be channeled into sewer systems and storm drains. Filtration and storage of the water harvested is required, so that the water will not become septic. 

In some areas, there are local codes that require proper levels of purity in water that is being stored.
Active rainwater harvesting usually uses more expensive and complex systems than does passive harvesting. They do have an advantage though, in that they reduce the costs for the locally owned water treatment facilities. It’s cheaper to install a new system than to retrofit an older system, and systems to harvest rainfall can be easier to add if they are for specialty or irrigation uses, as long as you have adequate available space for processing and storing the rainwater

Rainwater Harvesting Consultation

We follow professional construction schedules. You can take the consultation of experienced designers and project managers to get rainwater harvesting systems setup in Pathanamthitta. You can get services like architecture, equipment and system selections, installations, engineering and computer aided design and also cost analysis.

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