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Rainwater harvesting is a technique of collecting and storing rainwater for future use. It has been practiced since ancient times, but it has gained more importance in recent times due to increasing water scarcity. The city of Trivandrum, in the south Indian state of Kerala, is no exception.

Rainwater harvesting is an increasingly popular way to conserve water and reduce water bills. By collecting and storing rainwater, homeowners can reduce their demand on municipal water supplies and create an independent water source for their home.

Trivandrum has a long history of rainwater harvesting. It is believed that the locals of the city have been collecting and storing rainwater for centuries. However, with the growing population and consequent increase in water demand, it has become important to increase the efficiency of rainwater harvesting.

Rainwater harvesting can also be used to irrigate gardens and for other outdoor uses. When considering rainwater harvesting, homeowners should consult with a professional experienced in the design, installation, and maintenance of rainwater harvesting systems. This is especially important if the harvesting system is intended for potable water use, as the system must be constructed and maintained to meet local health and safety codes.

When consulting with a professional, homeowners should be prepared to discuss their plans for collecting and using rainwater, including the intended use of the water. This will help the professional to determine the size and type of system needed to suit the homeowner’s needs. The professional can also provide advice on how to optimize the system for maximum efficiency, as well as tips for ongoing maintenance and upkeep. Homeowners should also consider the local regulations and codes that apply to rainwater harvesting. These vary from state to state and may include requirements for the type and size of system, safe storage and treatment, and other safety measures. A professional should be familiar with the local regulations and can help homeowners to ensure they are in compliance.


Rain Water Harvesting System In Trivandrum

Finally, homeowners should consider the costs associated with rainwater harvesting consultation and installation. Depending on the size and complexity of the system, costs can range from a few thousand rupees for a small system with basic components, to several lakhs for a large, complex system. Consulting with a professional can help to ensure that the system is designed and installed in a way that offers the best return on investment.

The government of Kerala has taken several steps to promote rainwater harvesting in Trivandrum. It has made it compulsory for all buildings in the city to have rainwater harvesting systems. The government has also set up a Rainwater Harvesting Information Centre in the city to provide technical advice and guidance to people on how to effectively store and use rainwater.

Rainwater Harvesting Consultation

Rainwater harvesting in Trivandrum has several benefits. It helps to reduce the burden on the city’s water supply system by providing an additional source of water. It also helps to recharge the groundwater table and maintain underground water.

Consulting with a professional experienced in rainwater harvesting can help homeowners to ensure their system is properly designed, installed, and maintained, and that it meets local health and safety requirements.

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